(Mental Health Matters: It’s Okay to Not Be Okay)



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METEOROID Twibbon Campaign


CIMSA UNRI successfully held METEOROID (Mental Health Matters : It’s Okay to Not Be Okay) on Saturday, October 15th 2022. In October 10th, CIMSA UNRI conducted a METEOROID twibbon campaign on Instagram stories. In 15nd October 2022 is the peak event which is held on 16:00 pm – 18:00 pm. METEOROID was held online via LIVE Instagram @cimsaunri due to celebrating World Mental Health Day 2022.

METEOROID is held by CIMSA UNRI because Indonesia has a total of 236 million people with mental disorders in 2016, with the category of mild mental disorders 6%, and severe mental disorders 0.17%. a lot of information about mental health diseases so that it can increase public awareness and knowledge that knowing and maintaining about mental health is important.




METEOROID Live Instagram on @cimsaunri

Before the METEOROID activity was carried out, CIMSA UNRI held a pre-activity training on mental health knowledge. The training was given by one of the CIMSA UNILA trainers, Taufiq Hidayat as SCOPH’s Public Health Leader. This training consists of information about Mental Health Problems and the application of mindfulness to maintain mental health. At the end of the training, a question and answer session and discussion with the participants was opened, and certificates were given to the trainer and at the end of the group photo session.

This activity was initially opened with a moderator from one of the CIMSA UNRI trainers by shalsabila Ghassani, and immediately started a talk show about the discussion of mental health disorders from the speaker, namely dr. Rina Amtarina, M.Sc, SpKJ who is one of the Psychiatrist doctors, mental state hospital RSJ Tampan Pekanbaru. After discussing the material, we opened a question and answer session where the audience asked what they wanted to know about the topic.

As to end the event, it was closed with handing over certificate to the speakers METEOROID 2022, dr. Rina Amtarina, M.Sc,SpKJ. 

CIMSA UNRI conducted an air campaign on Instagram @cimsaunri about basic knowledge about Mental Health. the next day there was a quiz with prizes which participants took part in on the @cimsaunri snapgram and after that METEOROID announced the winner of the quiz and the whole series of METEOROID events ended


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