(It’s Time to Talk About Breast Cancer for Early Prevention)



Hello, CIMSA!

CIMSA UNRI successfully held TABLET (It’s Time to Talk About Breast Cancer for Early Prevention) . This activity was held online via Zoom Meeting, Instagram & Whatsapp and Offline in Taman Kaca Mayang Pekanbaru . We carried out this activity for more than 70 members of CIMSA FK UNRI, the campus community from the University of Riau and people in Pekanbaru.

TABLET is an activity of SCORA to commemorate world breast cancer day, to raise awareness and increase knowledge of many people about breast cancer, both men and women. There are so many people who do not realize and know about breast cancer even though this cancer is one of the first contributors to cancer deaths with the number of cases still growing.

TABLET is divided into many series of events starting online through CIMSA UNRI’s live Instagram on October 9, 2022 which discusses in general about breast cancer with a doctor as a source who is also a breast cancer survivor, dr. Nanik Kusumaningrum, MPH and the moderator Syafira Nanda Fitria. Live Instagram is quite widely enjoyed and watched by about 50 people. Before doing this Instagram live, we held a Pre-Activity Training for all members of SCORA CIMSA UNRI and OC TABLET with the presenter from PETRA CIMSA UNRI, Gabriela Sita Margaret.

Furthermore, on October 22, we held an LPET (Local Peer Education Trainer) via zoom with PETRA CIMSA FK UNRI is Gabriela Sita Margaret with the aim of adding to our knowledge before conducting a ground campaign in the form of educating the public. The final activity in the TABLET series was held offline on October 23, 2022 at Taman Kaca Mayang Pekanbaru, which was attended by members of SCORA CIMSA UNRI and OC TABLET with the aim of educating the public about breast cancer. This Ground Campaign was quite successful because it got very good feedback from the community and we managed to educate about 20 people in the park. In addition, we also conduct other online education throughout October by distributing educational posters such as myths or facts about breast cancer to the CIMSA UNRI’s Instagram story.


TABLET Ground Campaign at RTH Kaca Mayang Pekanbaru

This TABLET activity succeeded in educating 70 people. We hope this TABLET can help increase knowledge and awareness of breast cancer.

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