SCORP (Standing Committee on Human Rights and Peace) is one of the six standing committees that engaged in the field of human rights and peace. SCORP facilitates all Indonesian medical students who have an interest and desire to know the issues related to human rights and peace in Indonesia and other countries. SCORP pays attention to refugees, internally displaced people and vulnerable people because this group is the most vulnerable human rights violated, especially rights in the health field. SCORP has four domains of work which are pre and post disaster management, universal health coverage, refugees’ health, and vulnerable people.



  1. To provide education in the field of human rights and peace
  2. To increase of awareness and educate prospective health professionals in the field of health systems refugees, displaced persons and other vulnerable people
  3. To establish a culture of peace, conflict prevention and respect for human rights
  4. To be ready to act in order to achieve solution to achieve peace overconflicts
  5. To establish and develop multidisiplinary cooperation relating to SCORP work fields.
  6. To Participate, both within the local, national and international, in the field of Refugees / IDPS, displaced persons and other vulnerable people.
  7. To cooperate with NGOs (Non Governments Organizations) to create projects or activites related to SCORP work fields.