SCOME (Standing Committee on Medical Education) is one of standing committees that works on development of Indonesia medical education’s system and also as forum for Indonesian medical student to develop their knowledges and skills in medical field. It is our vision to create a qualified and compet-itive Medical Human Resources in order to have the ability to face every changein local and global scale. SCOME is committed to do an active effort to support medical students in receiving a comprehensive medical education. SCOME strives to improve medical education’s quality in Indonesia therefore often deals with curriculum review, study skills and a variety of other related areas. SCOME also undertakes the responsibility of creating awareness about health education issues that relevant to surrounding local community in Indonesia. Through SCOME, medical students of Indonesia collaborate to develop medical education in Indonesia by doing projects and activities to give the opportunity for medical student to participate in their medical education’s system at local, national, and international activities.



  1. To promote medical education system and curriculum’s reformation to improve medical education.
  2. To increase students, community, policy makers in medical field and government’s awareness of the im-
    portance of medical education development.
  3. To strengthen the network and resources for medical students in order to establish a qualified health workers.
  4. To expand education and training opportunities for medical students to improve the quality of Indonesia medical resources in the face of changes in local and global scale