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CIMSA UNRI successfully held “SIMPANSE” on 18-23 October 2022 in response to waste cases in the current era by holding a seminar with the theme of waste management. SIMPANSE was held online at the Zoom Meeting in response to the case.

CIMSA UNRI held SIMPANSE because of the declining health aspect due to the increasing waste production of waste every year. To overcome the wider impact, a systematic, comprehensive and sustainable management of waste is needed, both in reducing and handling waste. This is due to the lack of public knowledge about the importance of managing waste properly. In fact, the responsibility for waste management is often borne by the government and local governments as a consequence of the imposition of levies on waste services carried out by the government to the community.

Through SIMPANSE CIMSA FK UNRI is expected to increase public knowledge especially productive communities such as students and students in waste management, encouraging productive people who are young adults to intensify waste management activities in their environment and motivate productive communities to participate in managing their own waste

Before the SIMPANSE activity was carried out, the SIMPANSE organizing committee attended pre-activity training conducted by CIMSA FK UNRI in preparation for the event. The training was provided by one of the UNRI CIMSA trainers, Silvi Angelia May Purpba as a CIMSA Trainer. The training was given to broaden the knowledge of the SIMPANSE Executive Committee regarding waste cases in the community and how to approach them.

The SIMPANSE implementation consists of a webinar and post test after the event. The webinar was hosted by the presenter, Christin Singal from PEMOL Pekanbaru. On October 23, 2022, a webinar in the Zoom Meeting was held which discussed the importance of waste management, the benefits, and how to manage waste properly, such as being able to exchange waste into money.

SIMPANSE Webinar on Zoom Meeting

The post test is carried out on the same day as the statement, carried out via Google Form. The post test questions were taken from SIMPANSE regarding waste management. Participants will be asked to answer questions about the importance of managing waste, the benefits, and how to manage waste properly


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