SCORA (Standing Committee on Sexual & Reproductive Health and Rights Including HIV & AIDS) exists because so many people are living with HIV and AIDS yet very few know the facts about the aforementioned disease. SCORA is engaged in the field of sexual and reproductive health, HIV/ AIDS, maternal health and many other reproductive issues such as sexually transmitted disease, gender issues including gender based violence, sexuality and gender identity, as well as sex education for teenager. We often cooperate with organizations whose goals are similar to ours e.g., UNFPA (United Nations Population Fund) and National AIDS Prevention Commission (Komisi Penanggulangan AIDS Nasional). A major part of our work is focused on HIV/AIDS and its prevention. We tackle this topic through our World AIDS Day Campaigns, our peer education programs, and making sure all of our members are up to date on the latest developments in the fight against HIV. SCORA has more emphasis in education-based activities as their valued principle: “The only way of fighting AIDS is through prevention and the only way of prevention is through education”.



  1. To raise awareness and knowledge of the community on topics related to HIV/AIDS and sexual and reproductive health
  2. To facilitate Indonesian medical students to contribute more in the fields of sexual and reproductive health including AIDS
  3. To develop programs in the fields of sexual and reproductive health including AIDS which tackles the nation’s conditions.
  4. To create opportunities for medical students to act for the betterment of the society’s sexual and reproductive health.