(Awas Risiko Tekanan Darah Tinggi)


Hello CIMSA!

CIMSA UNRI succesfully held ARTERI III (Awas Risiko Tekanan Darah Tinggi) in 16th July 2022. ARTERI III was held in Puskesmas Melur Pekanbaru as external partner.

ARTERI as community development otf CIMSA UNRI is held because has a general purpose to invite the PROLANIS community to maintain health and be the first line in preventing hypertension and coronary heart disease in Melur, Pekanbaru.

Before the activity ARTERI III being held, CIMSA UNRI held pre activity training regarding to the basic knowledge about hypertension, diabetes, and cholesterol. The training was given by one of CIMSA UNRI trainer Jane Darmadi Kosen. The training consist of the knowledge and skills about the blood pressure checks, blood glucose tests, cholesterol levels, within the training also held a pre – test and post – test.

This activity initially opened with morning exercise followed by medical check-up. The opening intervention session was opened by MC, Puskesmas Melur, and CDC CIMSA UNRI. Then proceed with filling in the pre – test on the topic to be discussed, then the presentation of material about nutrition to prevent hypertension from the speaker, namely dr. Erwin Christianto, M.Gizi, Sp.GK who is one of the nutrition specialist at the Eka Hospital in Pekanbaru.

After the presentation of the material, it was continued with the handing over of certificates to the speakers ARTERI  2022, and then filled the post – test by participant and after that there was a quiz with prizes. The event closed with a photo was taken together with the ARTERI event participants.


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