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CIMSA UNRI successfully held LOTUS (Life Is Sweeter Without Diabetes) on Sunday, December 4th, 2022. LOTUS was held offline at Car Free Day (CFD) Pekanbaru from 07.00 – 09.00 GMT +7 in commemoration of World Diabetes Day 2022.

Checking Blood Sugar Level


LOTUS is held by CIMSA UNRI because the International Diabetes Federation (IDF) organization estimates that at least 483 million people aged 20-79 in the world will suffer from diabetes in 2019 or the equivalent of a prevalence rate of 9.3% of the total population at the same age. Based on gender, the IDF estimates that the prevalence of Diabetes in 2019 is 9% in women and 9.65% in men. The prevalence of diabetes is expected to increase with increasing age of the population to 19.9% or 11.2 million people aged 65-79 years The number is predicted to continue to increase to reach 578 million in 2030 and 700 million in 2045. Indonesia is ranked 7th among the 10 countries with the most sufferers, namely 10.7 million.



Group Photo of LOTUS

Before the LOTUS activity was held, CIMSA UNRI held pre-activity training related to basic knowledge about diabetes. The training was provided by a CIMSA UNRI trainer, Bryan Yohannes as a CIMSA UNRI Trainer. The training contains information about diabetes and its negative impact on our body, as well as in pre-activity activities, training is also given to occupants on how to check blood sugar which will be carried out at the LOTUS event. The top event was held at CFD on Sunday, the event began with joint gymnastics at the Pekanbaru City Health Office, then continued with checking blood sugar before checking blood sugar, filling out a pre-test was carried out to the community. After that, we provide education to the public about what is the effect of diabetes on health and how important it is to check blood sugar regularly. After providing education followed by filling out a post test to people who have checked blood sugar, after the community has checked blood sugar there are new people you know who have high blood sugar levels. In closing the event, we took a group photo.

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