(Pre Departure Training)


Hello CIMSA!

SCOPE CIMSA FK UNRI successfully held Pre Departure Training (PDT) on Sunday, 28th November 2021 from 10:00 am – end. PDT is aims to prepare prospective outgoings before undergoing an exchange. This talkshow was held online via Zoom Meeting due to the COVID – 19 situation that occurred around the world and there is still a prohibition to organize large groups of people to break the chain of spreading the virus.

Pict 1 : CIMSA UNRI’s poster for the information on Pre Departure Training

Before Pre Departure Training activities started, there is a training first for all of the committees. This training was conducted on Saturday, 20th November 2021 at 10.00am to end. This training activity was attended by the entire committees (OC) and the material was delivered by one of the Trainers from SCOPE CIMSA FK UNRI, namely Jeremy Thomas Manik. The material presented is about Pre Departure Training.

In this activity, CIMSA FK UNRI invited two speakers to discuss what should be prepared before undergoing an exchange and tips when conducting exchanges. The two invited speakers are dr. John Rico Manalu who is former outgoing to Germany in 2020 – 2021 (Neurospine Departement) and Haifa Lana Rizq who is Exchange Student at University of Pennsylvania, USA. The talkshow this time was hosted by a moderator, Jane Darmadi Kosen, who gave several questions to the speakers. The speakers took turns answering questions and sharing their experiences when conducting exchange program, such as what were the obstacles when making an exchange in that country, what was done before doing an exchange and many more.

Pict 2 : Talkshow with the speakers, dr. John Rico Manalu and Haifa Lana Rizk

In this session, outgoing candidates can improve their knowledge so that they better prepared for exchanges. After the talkshow took place, a question and answer session was held and ended the talkshow with the submission of e-certificate to the speakers. In the closing, a photo was taken with all the participants and the speakers.

Pict 3 : Photo Session