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The Covid-19 pandemic does not only affect adults but also affects children, especially children aged 6-12 years. A study of 900 children aged <18 years in the United States found that children who tested positive for COVID-19 and who had been vaccinated against influenza during flu season had a reduced risk of symptomatic COVID-19, a reduced risk of respiratory problems, and a reduced risk of severe symptoms. This research opens a gap for us to conduct scientific discussions regarding the Role of the Influenza Vaccine in Children and also to determine its effectiveness based on current data and conditions in the field.

Thus, on Saturday 13th November 2021, Standing Committee on Research Exchange (SCORE) Centre for Indonesian Medical Students’ Activities (CIMSA) Universitas Riau held an online public discussion named REPAIRS [Research Public Discussion]. This one-day event aims to increase public knowledge and awareness about the difference between the Covid-19 vaccine and the Influenza Vaccine and find out the effectiveness of the two vaccines through Public Discussion using Zoom Meeting media by inviting experts directly.

Pict 1 : CIMSA UNRI’s poster for the information on REPAIRS

Before the discussion started, participants were given a pre-test to determine their initial understanding of the discussion’s material. After that, we began the first discussion which was moderates by our deeply proud alumnus dr. Kasyfi Ramadhan. He started with basic statements regarding discussion’s material then leads to numerous questions that had been gathered by our team.

Pict 2 : Public Discussion with dr. Indra Yovi, Sp,.P (K), dr. Dian Dwi Sary Mustika Febryany, Sp.A (K), IBCLC and the moderator dr. Kasyfi Ramadhan

We also invited experts for our discussion, dr. Indra Yovi, Sp. P(K) who is The Spokesman of SATGAS COVID-19 Provinsi Riau and dr. Dian Dwi Sary Mustika Febryany, Sp. A (K), IBCLC who is The Clinic Director of Tumbuh Kembang Anak Terpadu RSUD Arifin Achmad. Their background as an expert were making our discussion much more informative and answered the big gap regarding the role of the influenza vaccine in children also its effectiveness. As closing, the discussion was closed by giving e-certificate for the speakers and took some picture together.

After this event, SCORE CIMSA FK UNRI hoped it increased public knowledge and awareness about the vaccines and its effectiveness.